Maximilian is a student at an elite english school. One night at the library, in the old and rare books section, he hears books falling from the shelves . In the middle of it he founds a man in a weird old fantasist outfit, that recognizes Maximilian immediatly. They met ten years earlier, in this same library, when Auguste fell from the book he is a character from. They spend the day together playing before Auguste had to get back. 
This time Auguste didn't fall from his book by accident. He wants to stay in the real world with Max because there is nothing good for him in the book's story anymore. 
But Auguste is important to the story and people from inside and outside the book, need him to go back. Max, Auguste and their friends will have to find a way to secure and close the book so nobody can force Auguste to go back to a world where he will never be free. 
It's a story about finding your own path far from people's expectations. It is about becoming the hero of your own story. It is about found-family, love and freedom. 

Temporary Cover

Main Characters Design : Maximilian and Auguste


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