Léa Charbonnier is a french freelance illustrator who loves depicting queer characters and using eye-catching colour palettes. Drawing inspiration from books, nature and folklore, she draws all her favorites stories and characters in her free time.
She has worked for Les éditions Bookmark (France), Rainbow Crate, Dazzling Bookship Shop, Mossery and more...
She also collaborated and worked on book covers and illustrations for authors like Adam Sass, Jason June, Freydis Moon, Justine Pucella Winan, Margherita Scialla, Erin Baldwin and more...
In 2022 she created the charity art zine Sparkle and Sea that collects money for some lgbtqia+ rights charities.
She is always available for work and represented by Natascha Morris at the Tobias agency.
Email: leacharbonnier.work@gmail.com

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