Léa is a french freelance illustrator who loves depicting LGBTQIA+ characters, joyful and hopeful stories, and using eye-catching colour palettes. Drawing inspiration from books, nature and folklore, she draws all her favorites stories and characters in her free time.
She studied cinema, art, design and communication before working as an illustrator and designer for clients like Edition Bookmarks, Dazzling Bookish shop, Mason Deaver, Adam Sass and more.
After illustrating over fifteen book covers and other promotional illustrations, she is now working on her first young-adult Fantasy-Academia graphic novel called They Need A Villain.
In 2022 she created the Art Zine Sparkle and Sea that collects money for LGBTQIA+ rights non-profit organisations.
For any publishing inquiries, contact  Sandra Proudman at Gallt & Zacker literary agency.
For anything else contact Léa at :
Illustration Clients include:
Éditions Bookmark
Dazzling Bookish Shop
Josh Sippie
Alison Cochrun
Mason Deaver
Adam Sass
Jason June
 Freydis Moon
 Justine Pucella Winan
 Margherita Scialla
Erin Baldwin
and more...
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